Is Whey Protein Powder Good for Hair Growth?

Is Whey Protein Powder Good for Hair Growth?

Table of Contents

  1. How proteins determine growth of hair?
  2. What is Whey Protein?
  3. Types of Whey Protein
  4. Whey Protein benefits
  5. Whey protein for healthy hair and skin
  6. Whey protein side effects on hair
  7. Purayati’s Natural Dry Fruit Whey & Milk Protein Powder

All you need to know about Whey protein benefits for hair and more

For both men and women, hair care is a very critical and hygienic routine. No one wants to go out with hair that's frizzy, dry and unhealthy. We all long for smooth and shiny hair. It doesn't just mean you're confident you've done it right by only washing your hair, hair care often requires good hygiene and ensuring you use the right hair care items. along with physical care it is also important to take care of your health. There are various reasons that lead to hair damage and hair loss

The main reasons for hair loss include lack of proper diet, deficiency of minerals and vitamins, stress and more. Let's have a look at some of the major hair loss causes that you should notice.

1. Diet lacking nutrients, vitamins and minerals

If you have just concentrated on external hair treatments without taking care of your internal nutrition, then you have just wasted your time and resources. That is, yes, the hard reality.

Before looking for the right hair care products, you need to reverse the process by supplying your hair first with the necessary vitamins and minerals which lead to healthy hair growth.

Some essential vitamins to boost hair growth are as follows.

  • Vitamin A

In order to keep your scalp moisturized, vitamin A is important as it helps in the secretion of sebum. Your scalp becomes dry, itchy and irritated without sufficient sebum, while your hair becomes weak and falls. Vitamin A also improves the free circulation of oxygen to your follicles from your blood, thereby promoting your healthy hair growth.

  • Vitamin E

One of the best anti-oxidant agents is Vitamin E. It relieves oxidative stress from your scalp cells. This vitamin also protects your hair from UV radiation by sealing your skin and hair fibres with natural moisture. By assisting in the circulation of oxygen, it plays a crucial role in improving your follicles. Therefore, Vitamin E helps your hair grow stronger and faster.

  • Vitamin B7

To metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamin B7 or biotin is necessary. Vitamin B7 breaks down proteins into amino acids that are essential to strengthening your hair. Biotin can also reverse damage to your hair from heat styling, UV radiation, chlorinated water, etc.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D, which helps in the reproduction of your scalp cells, also plays an important role in coping with hair loss due to stress. To preserve your bone health, vitamin D is necessary, which in turn is reflected in the health of your hair as per Ayurveda 

  • Iron 

    The key hemoglobin factor in your blood is iron. Hemoglobin brings oxygen to the follicles of your hair. Therefore, the lack of iron in your body causes your follicles to have an inadequate supply of oxygen and nutrients, thus affecting your hair growth.

    • Zinc 

      When you have enough zinc in your body, the development of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone in the body, which is one of the common hair loss causes, can be controlled. Low levels of zinc in your body lead to excessive development of DHT hormones, which block your hair follicles' nutritional supply, leading to hair loss.

      • Protein - Is protein good for hair?

      Well your hair is nothing but protein-composed fibre. It is an important building block for the strands of your hair. If there is no sufficient amount of protein intake, without hair strands being produced, the follicles become inactive. Protein is also very important in the repair and regrowth of hair tissue.

      2. Anxiety and stressful lifestyle

      The new age stressful lifestyle is one of the main reasons which triggers hair loss. The anxiety and stress lead to hair fall and are extremely bad for your health and hair. 

      3. Hormonal Imbalance

      Research indicates that the product of a hormonal imbalance is hair loss during menopause. Specifically, it is linked to a reduction in estrogen and progesterone production. These hormones help hair grow faster for longer periods of time and remain on the head.

      4. Usage of certain medications

      Many times certain medications have side effects. Hair loss can be one of such consequences that occurs due to strong medicines. 

      5. After effects of certain treatments

      A common side effect of the treatment of cancer is hair loss. As a side effect of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy, or a stem cell (bone marrow) transplant, hair loss may happen. The cells that make hair grow may be harmed by these cancer treatments.

      6. Application of heat and chemicals

      Hair treatments contain chemicals, such as perms, hair dyes, and straighteners. Nevertheless, inexperience, poor use, or over-exposure to these products and chemicals can contribute to damaged hair. Chemical damage may also contribute to follicle damage and hair loss without careful treatment.

      How proteins determine growth of hair?

      The strands of your hair are made up of a protein called keratin. Hair loss may result from a lack of protein.

      Around 5% of your hair is in the resting process at any given time and this is why you lose about 50-100 strands per day, which is very natural. Beyond this, hair loss means that a larger percentage of the hair is in the resting process. A lot of foods rich in protein and biotin help to synthesise this protein that is essential for your hair. Hair cuticles absorb keratin and, with protein treatments, make the hair look full and glossy. 

      Keratin: The hair protein

      Keratin is a protein for hair growth that helps in making your hair healthy and strong.

      Keratin is a structural fibrous protein that your hair is made up of and it is the best protein for hair. Sufficient amounts of keratin in your hair makes the hair less frizzy and less prone to damage.

      Essentially, keratin protein for hair is a bunch of proteins that make up our hair, nails and skin building blocks. This protein family binds together to build super-strong structures that help these parts of our body remain tough and unbreakable; 95 percent of keratin is safe hair, for example, while strong keratin bonds are what makes our skin waterproof.

      Keratin that is created naturally also helps repair damaged cells, creates a protective barrier in the skin to protect it from bacteria, and helps strengthen your teeth and nails, so for many reasons it is essential.

      Your body creates keratin naturally, but there are some measures you can take to improve production if you notice you have thin or brittle nails or hair. Keratin development begins with a balanced diet, as with many beauty regimes, and since it is made of protein, you guessed it! You'll need a protein-rich diet. Think of lean meat, fish, and milk; all of these contain the amino acids that are necessary for making keratin.

      So what exactly is whey protein?

      Whey protein is a mixture of whey-isolate proteins that is the liquid component of milk that separates during the processing of cheese.

      Currently, milk contains two main protein types: casein (80 percent) and whey (20 percent ).

      Whey protein is present in the milk's watery part. The fatty sections of the milk coagulate and the whey is removed from it as a by-product when cheese is made.Whey are transformed into ways that are more concentrated. 

      Whey protein, whey protein isolates, whey protein concentrate, whey protein hydrolysate and hydrolyzed protein are some of their distinct types. 

      Types of whey protein

      Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Hydrolysate are three major types of whey protein supplements.

      • The cheapest of all three whey protein powders is Whey Protein Concentrate. It has about 58 to 89 percent of the lowest volume of protein
      • With a minimum amount of lactose and fat, Whey Protein Isolate contains 95 percent of the protein.
      • Whey Protein Hydrolysate is the most costly of all whey protein powders and has 99 percent protein. As it undergoes partial hydrolysis, it is called the "pre-digested" type of whey protein.

      Whey protein benefits

      There are various whey protein powder benefits that are quite helpful for the body in various ways.

      There are many benefits of whey protein for females as well and there is a wide array of whey protein health benefits as well. Let's have a look.

      • Amino Acids

      The chemical units that are not made naturally in our body are amino acids. Whey protein is a strong amino acid source. They work together to repair our bones, our muscles, our organs and almost every aspect of the human body's tissue. For specific purposes, specific amino acids are required. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) are high in whey protein. It is useful for the repair and preservation of muscles.

      • Anti - Aging Components

      Whey protein is glutathione-containing. This is a free radical antioxidant that scavenges and slows the symptoms of ageing. Three primary amino acids are used to produce glutathione; cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. Whey protein also slows down the degeneration of muscles during old age and keeps them healthy.

      • Weight loss

      Whey protein for weight reduction? Yes, women who ate advanced sources of whey protein lost more body fat, according to a report. They also displayed a greater degree of lean muscle preservation than those who didn't. Whey protein has low carbohydrate content and high protein content. This accelerates the metabolism to burn the body's excess fat. 

      Researchers have concluded that for up to two hours, whey protein can effectively regulate appetite. It contains very little fat, lactose and low cholesterol.

      • Hormone levels

      Whey protein for women is very useful. As other proteins do, it does not induce variations in the levels of hormones. In addition, the most soluble and richest source of protein is whey protein. It's a lot more nutritious than egg whites, beef and soy. 

      • Heart health

      Paralysis, loss of voice and impaired memory are caused by heart attack. In women, it is also the third leading cause of death. The LDL cholesterol is reduced by whey protein. It lowers blood pressure and also decreases the risk of stroke and heart disease.

      • Immunity

      Improving heart quality is one of the greatest whey protein advantages. Whey protein stimulates immune response and helps combat women's infections. By - glutathione production, it boosts the immune system. This is a potent antioxidant that contributes to detoxification. To enhance their cytokine response, females suffering from asthma should be supplemented with whey protein.

      • Strong Muscles

      For repairing and strengthening muscles, whey protein is needed. The energy levels in the body are exhausted by workouts and everyday exercises, leading to muscle loss. Whey protein is a perfect natural protein for building and healing muscles and comes from cow's milk. 

      • Maintain blood sugar levels

      Whey protein provides a positive balance of nitrogen to the body. It also stops blood sugar levels from fluctuating, which can contribute to overeating. Whey protein has low fat levels. For the regulation of glucose levels, this is very useful. It avoids the development of diabetes as well. In order to keep its levels stable, this type of protein also increases insulin resistance in the body.

      • Healthy bones

      About 65% of females suffer from osteoporosis, a disease that causes bone thinning and increased brittleness. Women need to eat calcium-rich, nutritious food to create and sustain healthy bones. Whey protein contains a high amount of calcium that prevents and enhances bone loss.

      • Easy absorption

      Whey protein shakes are better than any other type of whey protein recommended. And this is one of the benefits of diet whey protein. High concentrations of nutrients in the form of soy, whey or casein are found in protein shakes. In the body, it is easier to digest than the protein in food. The highest biological value is also included (BV).

      The benefits of whey protein for weight loss are also significant and have a major impact.

      Whey protein is great for healthy hair and skin

      The whey protein for hair and skin is a blessing in disguise.

      • Hair growth

      As the hair itself is made up of protein, the protein forms a very significant hair constituent. Protein deficiency can result in major problems with hair loss. Whey protein hair loss is something many are  doubtful about. Whey protein is a convenient way of growing the diet's consumption of protein. Taking whey shakes helps to solve hair issues such as bald spots and hair lines that recede. Whey protein helps hair growth in great ways.

      • Boosts collagen

      Collagen is a structural tissue that supplies the skin with elasticity. It consists of 30% of the total protein of the body and helps protect the skin, blood vessels, bones and teeth. To keep your skin strong and stable, eating whey protein will provide you with enough collagen.

      • Good health of the scalp

      In order to give you thick, safe and shiny hair, daily whey intake nourishes and strengthens the hair. The acidic properties of dandruff and scalp psoriasis heal whey. This helps to boost the scalp's protection. It is the best protein for hair growth.

      • A good conditioner

      In lieu of your shampoo, you can use whey powder as well. Simply thoroughly rub some powder on the scalp. To get a clean and oil-free scalp, wash it off with lukewarm water. Alternatively, you should first shampoo it and follow it with a rinse of whey. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash it off afterwards. Whey conditioner will give great body and texture to the hair. Whey protein for hair is great for stopping hair fall. For fine and limp hair, it is very useful, as it does not weigh down the hair like other hair products.

      • Natural Toner

      Whey can be utilized as a cleanser, toner and moisturizer on the skin. For its incredible skin benefits, many cosmetic firms introduce this protein-rich supplement. In whey, soak a cotton ball. Apply it using soft strokes on the forehead. This is going to act as an incredible homemade toner.

      • Helps in fighting acne

      The anti-microbial properties of whey function wonderfully on pimples and acne. It also tends to lighten spots with pigmentation and age.

      • Maintains the pH value of the skin

      Apply 2 cups of whey to the bathtub and let it soak for 20 minutes. To rejuvenate the skin cells, the acidity in the whey will restore the pH value of the skin.

      • Maintains the skin elasticity

      Amino acids in whey protein help to retain the skin's elasticity and firmness. This leaves you with soft and supple skin. Whey protein is significant and acts wonders if you want a healthy and glowing skin.

      • Inner glow

      The whey protein is great for having that luscious inner glow. It boosts your health leaving your face and skin with an undeniable glow.

      • Fights dandruff

      The whey protein is a secret to healthy and clean hair. It fights issues like dandruff and hair fall and keeps your scalp oil free and clean.

      Whey protein side effects on hair

      Whey protein, like other supplements, has certain health risks associated with it. The whey protein side effects on hair are also undeniable. The question is, does whey protein cause hair fall? It is only true to some extent. Extreme consumption might lead to hair loss as well. 

      1. Most of the whey protein related side effects are associated with digestive problems such as gastritis, bloating, headaches, cramps, decreased appetite, nausea, and fatigue.
      2. Excess protein intake may also worsen kidney issues.
      3. A body's store of calcium can deplete too much of the protein, leading to brittle bones and teeth.
      4. High levels of protein can also cause the body of a woman to generate excess ammonia and is one of the side effects of whey protein on females.
      5. More than two servings of protein shakes a day should not be eaten by women.
      6. Very high doses can also cause liver overload, causing serious health problems.

      It is important to take all the required vitamins and supplements for your better health and an everlasting glow. Brands such as Purayati are a one stop shop for all your health needs and provide you with all the essential supplements.

      Purayati’s Natural Dry Fruit Whey & Milk Protein Powder

      Purayati’s Natural Dry Fruit Whey & Milk Protein Powder has been formulated with a blend of protein derived from multiple sources such as whey, casein, and dry fruits. Dry fruits have been added to enhance the taste of protein shakes made with the product. The combination of natural cocoa powder along with actual dry fruit pieces makes Purayati’s Natural Dry Fruit Whey & Milk Protein Powder one of the tastiest protein powder available in the market. It is a completely natural and vegetarian product with no artificial sugar or flavor added. Natural stevia has been added to lend a sweet taste to the powder. One serving of Purayati’s Natural Dry Fruit Whey & Milk Protein Powder offers 50% protein content, making it an ideal product to include in a diet aimed for healthy hair. The product has been manufactured at a well-equipped plant certified with FSSAI and ISO 9001:2008 standards to ensure high quality and efficacy.

      A Word of Caution:

      Purayati’s Natural Dry Fruit Whey & Milk Protein Powder is to compensate additional requirement of proteins in a regular diet. If you are already on a high-protein diet, please consult a dietician before using the product to avoid intake of protein beyond the recommended daily allowance. Please consult a physician if you are pregnant or lactating or lactose intolerant. Though termed completely safe, whey protein might cause side effects such as low blood pressure or low glucose levels. Over intake of protein might put you at risk of constipation, high cholesterol, and kidney stones.

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