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Bone Health Algal Calcium Hadjod and Minerals (60 Tablets)

Bone Health Algal Calcium Hadjod and Minerals (60 Tablets)

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Bone Health Algal Calcium Hadjod Minerals

Enhance Your Bone Care

Lack of regular exercise may lead to bone degeneration and other ailments. Vitamin deficiency can also expedite health degeneration. Purayati’s Bone Health Calcium Hadjod and Minerals is packed with the necessary vitamins and minerals that facilitate the healthy maintenance of bones. Ingredients like Vitamin C, D, K2, Algal Calcium, Algal Magnesium, Hadjod and more strengthen your bones.  


Key Ingredients

  1. Vitamin C and D - Are necessary for increasing calcium absorption in the bones. Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen in the bones and its anti-inflammatory effect reduces swelling in the joints.  
  2. Vitamin K2 - Aids in calcium metabolism. By readily activating the calcium-binding protein osteocalcin, K2 makes bones strong and rigid. Research studies show that using vitamin K in supplements increases bone mineral density and reduces the chances of bone fractures.
  3. Algal calcium - Increases bone density and strength, and is easily digestible.
  4. Algal Magnesium - Magnesium-deficient diet produces bone softening and osteoarthritis. Consumption of magnesium is vital for bone growth and stabilization.
  5. Extracts of Hadjod - Hadjod is a "magical" plant packed with calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, and other important minerals. It is popular for its use in bone formation, reducing swelling in the joints, and increasing bone strength.


How Purayati’s Bone Health Algal Calcium Hadjod and Minerals

Help you? 

  1.  Prevents softening of the bones
  2.  Reduces bone degeneration
  3.  Increases bone mineral density 
  4.  Reduces the chances of bone fracture
  5. Decreases swelling in the joints 


Who can use it?

  • Men
  • Women
  • Teenage girls and boys
  • Senior Citizens (if advised by your doctor)
  • Anyone who wants to increase their bone health

Take 2 tablets of Bone Health Algal Calcium Hadjod Mineral supplement daily to improve or maintain your bone health. This supplement does not claim to treat any degenerative bone diseases.

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Customer Reviews

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Santhi Lakshmi Narasimhan
Delivery Time

Too long delivery time. The tablet is good.

Anurag Yadav
Increase in calcium level

My calcium(serum) level increased from 9.55 to 9.94 after taking Purayati Bone health supplement. Not sure whether it's a good improvement or not, that's why I am giving 4 star, otherwise it's a very good product.

Arvind Joshi
very good

very good tablets for health benefits!!

priya kumari
Very effective for my back pain

I have bought many bottles
Nd recommended it to my family too.
One problem why is this product not on Amazon??

Lata S

Very good

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