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Folate, Iron & Nutrients (60 Tablets)

Folate, Iron & Nutrients (60 Tablets)

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Folate, Iron and Nutrients

Experience betterment against Anaemia: Anaemia can make your nails and hair brittle, make you look pale and even result in chronic headaches. Enriched with folic acid and iron, Purayati’s supplement aids you in fighting anaemia. A precise quantity of dietary folate, inositol, choline and iron present in Purayati’s Folate, Iron and Nutrient Supplement may aid you in fighting anaemia.

Key Ingredients

1. Quatrefolic - The body can’t just use folic acid as it is—it has to go through a conversion process into a form called Methyltetrahydrofolate, or MTHF, in order to use it. Quatrefolic doesn’t go through the same conversion process as folic acid, effectively bypassing that genetic variation and being immediately ready for absorption.
2. Inositol - Inositol may help balance important chemicals in your brain, including those believed to affect your moods, such as serotonin and dopamine. It helps in resolving depression, OCD, panic disorder and PCOS.
3. Iron - Iron is important to ensure that your body does not suffer anaemia, low blood circulation, exhaustion and difficulty in concentration. Purayati’s Folate, Iron and Nutrient supplement contains 27 mg of Iron.

How Purayati’s Folate, Iron and Nutrient Supplement May Help you?

1. Helps prevent major birth defects in brand and spine during pregnancy
2. Aids in resolving fertility issues
3. Helps you stay energetic
4. Expedites fat reduction
5. Controls blood sugar levels
6. Reduces inflammation
7. Helps in preventing memory loss or dementia
8. Supports your brain health

Who can use it?

• Men
• Women
• Teenage girls
• Pregnant women
• Elderly
• Children (if advised by your doctor)

Folic acid and Iron Supplement may help you maintain your overall health. Take 2 capsules every day with morning and evening meals. This supplement aids in your wellness and does not claim to cure or treat any disease.
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Rahul R.
Best product

Tablets war well preserved and was good for health

Surajit K.
Good product

My mother is taking these medicines from over a year now. It's good.

i like it

i willkeep continuing using it for little longer.a good supplement

Must buy

Excellent product

Good product


Customer Reviews

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