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About us

Purayati in Sanskrit means “to fulfil”. That is quite simply what we intend our Purayati range of nutritional supplements to do. These well-researched, high quality products have been developed with the aim of helping our customers fulfil their nutritional needs.
Many studies show that a majority of the Indian population does not consume enough of the right kinds of food to help meet their daily nutritional requirements. The first thing most people think about when they hear the word malnourished is to assume that this only applies to people below the poverty line who are not able to afford proper meals for themselves, or to people in rural areas who do not have access to a well-balanced meal. This is why it is surprising to read multiple reports that talk about vitamin deficiencies, cases of Osteoporosis due to lack of calcium, etc., even in the urban population.
In many cases of nutrient deficiency, the symptoms are not immediate. This could be one of the main reasons why the majority of the population doesn’t take action to rectify their deficiencies. The symptoms and effects of these deficiencies have an effect on our health later in our lives. But due to the advent of the internet, people are slowly gaining more education and awareness of what they require to meet their nutritional needs and the importance of ensuring they do so. This means that there is a growing demand for nutritional foods and supplements. This growing demand has led to many domestic and global brands coming into India with their products.  
Due to our long experience in the manufacturing of nutritional supplements, we are well aware of the process and the costs involved. This is why we were surprised to see how badly these brands are exploiting the consumer with exorbitant prices. This is either due to the fact that many brands are importing the product, which increases their costs, or because the domestic brands are keeping unfair margins as they feel the consumers don’t have any options. This, combined with the many layers of intermediaries, aggregators and distributors has led to unjustifiable prices for supplements sold online. 
What makes us different? 
At Purayati, we feel that consumers need to be given the option of buying high quality supplements at economical prices to help them meet their daily nutritional requirements and lead a healthy lifestyle. This would be similar to how, through the help of generic medicine manufacturing companies, we now have access to high quality medicines at rates that are significantly cheaper when compared to global standards. With the Purayati range of supplements, we now intend to bring something similar to the area of nutritional supplements.
We Offer:   
  1. Quality products – Our manufacturing plants are quality-tested and ISO 9001:2008 certified. The products go through strict quality processes and checks. We maintain the same standards that are meant for medicines, even though we are not required to do so.
  2. Honest product prices that are some of the lowest in the industry – We do not falsely exaggerate prices, nor do we provide offers such as 'buy one get one free’ that make you wonder how the company is making money on the sale. No company will ever sell something at a loss. This means that if they are able to offer such discounts and deals, it is because they had greatly exaggerated their initial price.
    At Purayati, our reasonable margins combined with the advantage of economies of scale made possible by our large-volume, sophisticated machinery helps us to offer you the lowest possible rates per tablet/capsule/unit. Along with this, Purayati removes the need for any intermediaries, distributors or aggregators. Our products are sold and shipped to you directly from our manufacturing plant. This mode of direct selling through our website goes a long way in helping us provide you the best prices for these supplements.

  3. Well-researched products – Our products have the ideal amount of vitamins based on the recommended daily dosage, as suggested by multiple global institutions.  Our daily use multivitamins do not have unnecessary high dosages of vitamins, as they are neither required for the body, nor do they get absorbed by the body. Actually, in some cases, excess intake can also be harmful to the body. We only put high dosages of vitamins in a few specific products that are meant to tackle severe deficiencies.  
What we promise is that our products are of the highest possible quality, but still provided to you at the lowest possible price per tablet/capsule/unit. 
 About the Founders: 
  1.  Chandrashekar Mithoor – Has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of nutritional supplements. 
  2.  Tejasvi Bhat – An MBA graduate from Cambridge University, UK, he has over five years of experience in the field of marketing and administration of healthcare companies. 


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