Top 5 Important Vitamins for Hair Growth

Multivitamins for hair

In the modern world, it is a commonly observed fact that people are generally less healthy than before. Even though the world is supported by lots of medical advancements and improvements, the general health of an average human has gone down drastically. Part of it could be chalked down to the more hectic pace of life in the world - however; this is more as a result of our own mismanagement of our bodies.

A head full of hair is something that most people notice the first time they meet someone. The importance of hair to one’s look and confidence completely depends on the individual, but they surely provide a snapshot of your general health.

The first step to be taken to improve your hair is to improve your general health. Any vitamin deficiencies, cleanliness issues and even work-related stress can be a huge problem with regards to your hair. This has commonly resulted in dull, lifeless hair in many people. In such cases, multivitamins can come to your rescue!

Hair vitamins are extremely important to have a head full of luscious hair, be it for men or women. They not only provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for growth but can also alter balding patterns in the case of men. Multivitamins for hair work on a lot of fronts- they improve the immune system of the body, in general. This results in the user having healthier skin, and the hair becomes thick and shiny.

Some other common problems that hair supplements can combat include dullness, split ends and lack of growth that are caused by deficiency. This means that changing your diet up and incorporating multivitamin tablets for hair can make measurable, sustainable changes to your appearance.


Which Vitamins and Minerals are important for your hair?

There are a few common vitamins and minerals which can greatly alter the condition of your hair and improve it. Some of these are:


1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is extremely important not just for the hair, but for the body as a whole. This is because most cells in the body require the vitamin constantly in order to grow. Since hair is the fastest growing cell in the body, it is no surprise that the condition of your hair depends upon the amount of Vitamin A in the body.

 Another important function of vitamin A is to help in the production of sebum, which is an oily substance produced by the body. Sebum keeps the hair moisturised, and keeps the scalp healthy.

 An overdose of vitamin A can be unproductive too, since it may lead to hair loss. Therefore, the vitamin tablets for hair fall control must be taken after consulting with an expert. 


2. B-Complex Vitamins

Another one of the important vitamins necessary for the hair includes the entirety of the B-vitamin family. Also called Biotin, a lack of vitamin B7 in the body has been found to have resulted in hair loss in men and women.

Biotin plays a major part in maintaining the health of our hair, nails and skin. In fact, biotin is called “H vitamin", originated from the German words Haar and Haut, which mean “hair and skin.” These vitamins not only affect the hair directly but are also responsible for their health in the long run.

This is because Biotin is important in the production of red blood cells, which then help carry nutrients to the scalp too, along with the other parts of the body. This means that while Vitamin B, particularly biotin, may not expressly improve the condition of your hair with consumption, a lack of it can have consequences like hair fall and loss of lustre of the hair. 


3. Vitamin C

The main function of the Vitamin C in the body is to reduce the oxidative stress, caused by chemicals called free radicals. If left uncontrolled, free radicals can damage the root of the hair, blocking the chances of growth and making your hair age quicker.

Vitamin C is also used by the body to produce a protein called collagen, which is an important part of the structure of the hair. In general, Vitamin C is therefore extremely important if you hope to have your hair in a healthy condition. 

4. Vitamin D


Similar to biotin, a reduction in the vitamin D levels of the body has been found to result in hair loss in large quantities. The medical term for the condition is ‘alopecia’- it is because of the lack of production of new hair follicles. The best hair growth tablets contain a healthy dose of vitamin D since they are among the important multivitamins for hair.

5. Vitamin E


Vitamin E is also an antioxidant just like Vitamin C. Vitamin E is also known for its ability to prevent oxidative stress. In one study, people with hair loss experienced increase in hair growth with Vitamin E supplements. 

These are a few of the many important vitamins necessary for the health of the hair.


Effects of Vitamin Deficiencies

Many people make the mistake of not supplementing their diets with multivitamin tablets for hair- hair vitamins, after all, are hugely important if you want to improve, or at least maintain the health of your hair. Lack of hair vitamins has disastrous results on your appearance and health, which gradually affect the self-confidence of the person too. 


Vitamin A deficiency in the body results in a decrease in the rate of hair growth since it is greatly responsible for the pace at which growth occurs. The general thickness of the hair also reduces, since there is a lack of sebum on the scalp. Hair fall is the main problem which can affect the person. If he/she suffers from a deficiency of biotin, it would be better to start looking for the best hair growth tablets available.


Ageing is the main problem caused by the lack of vitamin C in the body, and there may be a reduction in the number of follicles present on the scalp as a result of it. Therefore, it will be better to start giving your body hair vitamins by incorporating vitamin tablets for hair fall control into your diet.


There is no doubt that the hair is vital - not just from the health perspective, but also because of the psychological effect it can have. If you feel that your hair has problems due to deficiency, it would be better to start on hair supplements as early as possible.



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