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Vitamins and dietary supplements - points to consider

The human body uses a varied number of vitamins and minerals in different quantities for its different metabolic processes. The ideal option to get these vitamins and minerals on a daily basis is to have meals that are known to contain proper levels of these vitamins and minerals. Just like our parents kept telling us when we were kids! Or in some cases even after we have grown up!!

However, in the modern world where life is fast paced, many of us do not end up taking the required amount of vitamins from our food. This could be because we are either too busy to have proper nutritious meals every day, don’t have access to the right meals or even some special reasons like being pregnant, suffering from alcoholism or following a specific diet like vegan.

Below is a list of people who might be more susceptible to vitamin deficiencies if they don’t plan and consume their meals properly

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Individuals who take alcohol above the recommended amounts
  • Narcotic drug users
  • People on low calorie diets
  • Smokers
  • Vegans/Vegetarians
  • Women who excessively bleed during menstruation

Vitamin deficiencies

How deficiencies affect us is dependent on which vitamin or mineral we are deficient in. Some deficiencies have an immediate impact while the effect of some take longer. For example, deficiency in some types of vitamin B can lead to visual reactions like cracked lips or sores around the mouth. But being deficient in calcium can cause damage to our bones over a period of few months or years. Many studies have shown that a majority of the Indian population is deficient in at least one crucial vitamin. This means that a majority of us are susceptible to the health issues caused by vitamin deficiency. This is why it is important for us to make sure that we make changes in our lifestyle to meet our daily nutrition requirement through the meals we eat. If we can’t do that, then the least we should do is take the help of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Some things to consider when using supplements

The word supplement by its literal definition means a thing added to something in order to complete or enhance it. Therefore, dietary supplements should never be considered to be standalone cures or replacements for a regular diet. Anyone or any company claiming otherwise is clearly misinformed and doing so for their personal or commercial gain.

Another important point to consider is that our body has a limit of how much of each vitamin or mineral it can absorb at a time. This means that taking vitamins and minerals in quantities higher than the daily requirement is of no use and in some cases can end up being harmful due to the toxic nature of some minerals when consumed in high quantities. The body will either flush this excess out on a daily basis or will react in a negative way. Hence it is important to be wary of dietary supplement brands that claim to be better for you as they have higher quantities of vitamins and minerals like 200%, 300 % or even in some cases 1000% of recommended daily allowance.

There are some exceptions to this where the body does have the ability to absorb higher quantity of a vitamin or mineral but this is only recommended as a way to tackle severe cases of deficiency and should strictly be done only after consulting with a physician.

Why you should consider Purayati’s range of supplements as your choice for dietary supplements

All the points mentioned above were derived through exhaustive research. But we recommend you to cross check these points by doing your own research and once you are convinced about the benefits of supplements, we suggest using Purayati’s range of supplements because they were developed and manufactured by keeping these very points in mind. As an added advantage, we are sure that we are the most economical dietary supplement brand available online in India. We are so confident about this that if you find a product that has the same formula as ours at a cheaper price then do let us know and we will give you your money back**

Now you might see those two stars and think “I am sure they have terms and conditions which means I will never actually get that money back”. We have to put those two stars only to make sure someone doesn’t misuse our policy through bogus cases. But if you have a valid claim, contact us at and we will make sure you get your money back. You can purchase our products exclusively on 

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  • Monika Reddy on

    What is the dose that I’m supposed to take… I’m 22years! One tab or two?
    Also can I use them for lifetime???
    The best time to take the tablet… peak absorption in a day!
    Thank you!

  • Purayati on

    Yes you can take them both together. They do have common ingredients but even when combined the dosage will be within the safe limits.

  • Varun Pulipati on

    Can I take multivitamin for men and multivitamin skin,nail hair at a time.

  • Purayati on

    It depends on what the cause of Uric acid is. Short term intake of Vitamin D has not shown to cause any affect on uric acid or creation of kidney stones. But there are not enough studies showing the effect of long term use. We recommend talking to your doctor before using.

  • Parmeet Singh on

    Will intake of vitaminD increase uric acid as it is already on higher side

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