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What are Energy and Nutritional Supplements?

Do you feel fatigued and are struggling to get through the day? Having a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep are the best ways to get energy. But at times when you are unable to fulfill any one or all of these then you wish for something that can give an energy boost. Energy supplements do just that! They provide energy that helps you stay alert and active throughout the day. Nutritional supplements are dietary supplements that provide nutrients that are not available in enough quantities from the food that is consumed. These are available in the form of tablets, pills, liquids, or in other forms. 

Why use Energy and Nutritional Supplements?

There are many benefits of energy and nutritional supplements. They help in 

  • Boosting the metabolism: It helps the digestive system break down the food and absorb the nutrients that are consumed as part of your diet. 
  • Faster muscle recovery: If you are into workouts then it can impact your muscles in many ways. Protein supplements can help in recovering quickly. 
  • Prevents deficiencies: Not taking enough nutrients results in deficiency diseases which can be prevented by taking supplements. 
  • Control body weight: Can do portion control by taking supplements. 
  • Improve performance: Taking supplements helps in performing better at work and in the gym.

Taking energy and nutritional supplements like Whey protein good for health

Best Daily Energy and Nutritional Supplements for your Health

Energy and nutritional supplements are a great way to ward off illness and also preserve health. While there are some which are used to treat specific conditions. A visit to a health supplements store will leave you overwhelmed as there are tons of products on the shelf. But which of these are the best supplements for health. It is essential to note that these are designed not to replace but to supplement the diet. Here is a look at the best dietary supplements that can be used by all sections of people including elderly, pregnant, and breastfeeding women. 

Daily Health Protein Powder: Whey is a form of protein that is much more than protein as it contains various other nutrients that are useful for the body. It contains many essential amino acids that help in losing body fat and boosting muscle strength. Taking whey protein powder also helps those who lack protein in their diet. Hence it is the most popular protein powder in the market. 

Spirulina: It is a type of algae that is present in fresh as well as saltwater and one of the most nutritious foods. It is packed with Vitamins A, B, C, and E and minerals like zinc, calcium, magnesium, and selenium. It also has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties offering a host of health benefits. Spirulina capsules are available as a supplement apart from other forms. 

Vitamin B Complex: It is a group of 8 B vitamins that are essential for the overall functioning of the body. Vitamin B can be obtained by consuming a healthy diet, but despite that, some people may have a deficiency which can result in health issues. Vitamin B complex tablets can be taken to supplement the lack of it. 

Complete Probiotics: The human body has both good and bad bacteria. While bad bacteria cause illness, good bacteria like Probiotics are helpful to the body. It helps in eliminating bad bacteria and improves gut health and the immune system. One of the ways to add good bacteria to the body is through supplements in the form of probiotic capsules

Omega Supplement: Omega 3 fatty acids are important for overall health and most importantly in maintaining cardiovascular health. Though it is present in fatty fish, there are many who do not consume it and hence lack omega 3 fatty acids. So in order to fulfil this requirement, omega 3 capsules can be taken. They are easy to swallow and have no taste preventing any foul smell. 

Natural Immunity Supplements: The immune system helps the body to protect as well as the fight against diseases ranging from a common cold to respiratory infections. Though many people consume a balanced diet, get enough sleep and exercise they still do not have great immunity. To enhance it, a natural immune booster can be taken as a supplement. 

How to Use Daily Energy and Nutritional Supplements?

Dietary supplements are taken when the recommended intake of nutrients is not fulfilled. They fill the nutritional gaps in the diet and are especially beneficial for pregnant women, vegetarians, the elderly, and those with food allergies. It is also useful for people who need extra energy as they follow an extremely active lifestyle. But to get the maximum benefits, one has to consume it in the right way. 

  • Watch dosage: When taking protein and vitamin supplements it is essential to follow the printed label recommendations or as suggested by the doctor. 
  • Read instructions: While taking probiotic supplements, read and follow the instructions as they can be confusing. 
  • Not food substitute: Even if you are taking healthy protein powder remember it is not a food substitute. It is just a supplement to the diet that you are already consuming. 

When choosing a supplement choose products that have accurate and up to date information. 

Buy Daily Energy and Nutritional Supplements at Purayati India

Purayati is a leading brand for supplements to boost immune system. They are easily affordable with many discounts and offers on their products. They also provide all the benefits as advertised. These are supplements that are available in a bottle and are safe to consume even if it is not prescribed by a doctor. They have a variety of products for energy and nutrition including:

  • Natural Immunity supplement capsules are one of the best nutritional supplements which boost immunity. 
  • Daily health protein powder is the best protein powder in India that can fulfil the protein needs.
  • Spirulina tablets, omega supplement capsules, and Vitamin B complex capsules are some of the best nutritional supplements to fulfil all the essential nutrients requirements. 


1. Are protein supplements good for health?

Yes, protein supplements are good for health. They help in building muscle strength and also boost your metabolism. It can also help in controlling weight as it aids in reducing appetite and boosts fat burning. 

2. What are the side effects of protein supplements?

As such there are no side effects of protein supplements if taken in recommended dosages. If it is consumed in high doses it can lead to side effects like increased bowel movements, nausea, bloating, or cramps in the stomach. 

3. What is the best supplement for overall health?

A combination of Vitamin B complex, Protein powder, Omega supplements, Spirulina capsules, and complete probiotics is best for overall health. But it can also be taken as individual supplements based on your health needs. 

4. Do dietary supplements help you lose weight?

Some of the dietary supplements like the Daily health powder can help in losing weight. Consuming this supplement helps in feeling full and thus prevents frequent eating. It also boosts metabolism and also burns fat. 

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