Why you should be using blended protein instead of plain whey!

Why you should be using blended protein instead of plain whey!

Protein is used in every cell of our body and like carbohydrates and fat, it is a macronutrient – meaning the body requires large amounts of it to stay healthy. Protein is a complex combination of smaller chemical compounds called amino acids which are like building blocks for our body. These amino acids chain together to create different body components. Therefore, protein is very important for speedy recovery after exercise, building and repairing tissue, reducing muscle loss, building lean muscle, curbing hunger and helping us maintain a healthy weight. Protein comes from a variety of sources like meat, milk, egg, soy, fish, lentils, legumes and dry fruits.


There are 20 proteinogenic amino acids which can be divided as follows:

Non-essential amino acids are synthesized in the body through metabolic process. Their main function is energy generation, maintaining normal functions of blood vessels, organs, gastrointestinal tract and muscles, producing components of haemoglobin and collagen.

Essential amino acids are those which the body cannot produce by itself and must be supplemented externally. It consists of BCAAs (Branch chain amino acids) and others which help in providing energy for an exercising body, synthesis of enzymes and hormones, reducing muscle degeneration and aid muscle development. It also helps in producing other useful amines. Thus, supplementing protein from external sources is of utmost importance to get the essential amino acids.


Whey protein is well known as it is a fast digesting and rapidly absorbing protein. It is a common perception by consumers who work-out that whey protein is best for achieving their desired goals due to its absorption rate. However, recent studies have shown that a protein blend is more beneficial as it extends the duration of amino acids being released into the body compared to duration of release from whey alone. Thus, consuming protein in a variety of forms with different absorption rates keeps your muscle fed for hours hence prolonging the muscle building process.


Purayati’s Natural Dry Fruit Whey & Milk Protein Powder is formulated with a blend of whey protein (fast digesting milk protein for immediate release and uptake of amino acids), casein protein (slow-digesting milk protein isolate which helps reduce the body's natural process of breaking down muscle and prevents overeating) and dry fruits (cashew, almond, peanuts and pistachio). Blending that with natural cocoa and stevia (non-caloric natural sweetener derived from the leaves of a plant called Stevia rebaudiana) gives you an amazingly healthy, natural and tasty protein powder. The dry fruit pieces have been not completely powdered so you can crunch on them at the end of your shake as a bonus.


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