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Natural Dry Fruit Whey & Milk Protein Powder (1 Kg)

Natural Dry Fruit Whey & Milk Protein Powder (1 Kg)

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For people looking to gain muscle weight, lose fat or both through workouts, it is always recommended to add protein to their diet. This protein can be obtained through food with meat, eggs, milk etc. But as most fitness experts will say, the protein obtained through regular food is never enough to help meet the goal of gaining muscle weight or losing fat. Therefore, protein supplements and shakes are recommended to be used along with the regular food.

Over the last few years, individual protein sources like whey have become very popular for this purpose. But recent studies have shown that using a blend of protein derived from multiple sources can be more beneficial for achieving desired goals like increasing muscle mass/fat loss, gaining strength and even for recovery. This is because protein blends provide you with a full spectrum of proteins that gives you varying absorption rates from the different types of protein. Whey protein with its quick absorption rate will give fast release and uptake of amino acids while other proteins like casein will provide a slower and long lasting release of amino acids. Therefore, this combination when taken between work outs (recovery time) could help provide better muscle growth.

Our Natural Dry Fruit Whey & Milk Protein powder has been formulated with this in mind and has protein mainly derived from Whey, Casein and Dry fruits. The dry fruits are added by us to improve the taste and make the experience of consuming protein shakes more likable. With actual dry fruit pieces available in the drink and the combination of natural cocoa powder, we believe our protein powder is a great tasty option for you. No artificial flavours of any kind have been added.

To make your protein shake healthier, we have not added any sugar to the product. No artificial sweeteners either. We have instead opted for natural Stevia Sweetener. So, from the benefits of using protein blends to the absence of chemical sweeteners and artificial flavours, we believe that our protein powder that gives you 50% protein content per serving is an ideal product to combine with your work out.

This product has been manufactured at a well-equipped FSSAI and ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing plant which ensures you get a high quality and efficacious product that you can use to help meet your dietary requirements.


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