Folic Acid and Iron Capsules (90 Vegetarian Capsules)

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  • Folic Acid Capsules with Iron
Folic Acid Capsules with Iron Folic Acid and Iron Capsules (90 Vegetarian Capsules)


Folic Acid and Iron Capsules (90 Vegetarian Capsules)

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Rs. 640.00
  • Folic acid capsules are the synthetic version of folate, and they both are B vitamins that are water soluble. Folate occurs naturally in the body, and leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli are high in it as well as fruits such as bananas and lemons.

    As folate is very water soluble, it is flushed out of the body rapidly, and certain health conditions require the intake of supplements to make up for this loss. Essentially, your body needs a basic level of folate but when you have a particular illness, are pregnant or are being treated with certain medications then your need for it increases and folic acid capsules are prescribed by your doctors.

    The proper development of the human body relies on folic acid as it is involved in the production of genetic material called DNA and folic acid benefits can be seen in numerous other bodily functions.

    In the body, one of the main uses of folic acid is the creation of new cells as well as the maintenance of them. Consequently, doctors prescribe folic acid for pregnancy on a regular basis. However, do not take them as per your own understanding if you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant. Only proceed based on your doctor’s instructions. Taking too many folic acid capsules can have side effects as well, and you will do away with all the good effects your natural folate is producing.

    Why do we need Iron?

    Iron is an essential component of many proteins and enzymes in our body. But its most important and well-known role is in Transportation of Oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Therefore, deficiency of Iron leads to the most common form of Anaemia.

    Benefits of Folic Acid and Iron Supplement

    • Folic acid & Iron are important for Pregnant Women. Critical for Prenatal Development.
    • Folic acid before and during Pregnancy can help prevent birth defects and is critical for a baby's brain and spinal cord.
    • Rich Source of Iron. Iron & Folates helps in the production of Red Blood Cells and prevents Anaemia.
    • Folic acid is also essential for the synthesis of DNA and Nucleic acids.

    The importance of iron and folic acid supplements:

    Iron and folic acid supplements are believed to improve each other’s functioning when prescribed together, but the research on this is divided. They both aid the transport of oxygen through the blood, and this nourishes the body on a larger scale.

    Studies have shown that people who consume more folic acid have a lower incidence of high blood pressure. In particular, folic acid capsules and iron supplements are used in the treatment of anemia or “tired blood” to boost the blood’s oxygen levels and diminish the symptoms particularly found in women.

    Folic acid capsules are sometimes used in combination with other medications to treat several conditions, including pernicious anemia. Folic acid uses include the treatment of other conditions linked to folate deficiency, including ulcerative colitis, liver disease, alcoholism, and kidney dialysis.

    Folic acid for pregnancy has shown massive promise with studies that used folic acid capsules before conception resulted in significantly lowering the occurrence of birth defects also called neural tube defects. These are specifically malformations of the spine and brain such as spina bifida and anencephaly. Folic acid supplements are prescribed for women who have had past births with neural tube defects and for other women who may become pregnant as well.

    Another space where this supplement has shown promise is the treatment of symptoms of the medicine called methotrexate. It commonly used to treat cancer patients and will result in nausea and vomiting. Taking folic acid capsules seems to reduce these side effects of methotrexate treatment.

    Health problems due to folic acid deficiencies

    A deficiency of folic acid can result in hyperhomocysteinemia which is a condition where there are high amounts of homocysteine in the blood. This exacerbates kidney disease and even heart disease, but this is not directly linked to the reduction of the occurrence of these diseases.

    Pregnant women are prescribed supplements to combat the occurrence of neural tube defects as mentioned above and access other folic acid benefits. More importantly, their bodies require a higher dose of oxygen, and the use of folic acid capsules promotes thorough oxygenation throughout their body and to the fetus.

    Deficiency of folic acid has also been linked to the exacerbation of heart problems such as high blood pressure, vitiligo, and gum disease (in pregnant women and other people as well).

    Folic acid benefits are found across a band of conditions and must be used under a doctor’s guidance. The interaction between these supplements and other medicines is unknown until you consult a professional.

    The majority of adults will not experience side effects when they take folic acid in daily doses of less than 1000 mcg. However, it could be unsafe in large doses and if taken long-term. High doses might cause stomach cramps, skin irritation, sleep problem, mood changes, diarrhea, nausea, seizures, and other side effects.

    One could unlock plenty of benefits from using folic acid supplements, but they must be taken under the supervision of a professional and their instructions must be followed completely.

    The Purayati Advantage

    Purayati Folic acid and Iron capsules have been manufactured at a well equipped FSSAI and ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing plant which ensures you get high quality and efficacious product that you can use to tackle your deficiency of Iron and Folic acid. 

    It is important to note that this product should not be taken with any form of calcium supplement or multivitamin containing calcium as Iron affects the absorption of calcium from supplements. It is advisable to take them at separate times of the day.