Purayati in Sanskrit means "to fulfill". That is quite simply what we intend with our Purayati range of nutritional supplements.
Our well-researched, high-quality products are developed with the aim of helping our customers fulfill their nutritional needs. This has been our vision.
But we needed and wanted to do something more. Our core value system is to take care of not just our customers, employees and stakeholders, but also the society that we live in.

This value system has led us to start the #GivingBack initiative. This initiative has been launched keeping in mind the conscious customers who know the impact of their purchases on the environment, economy, and society as a whole.

Our story with you is just a beginning! And as a beginning, we have decided to share 1% of your purchases to charity, "to fulfill" the needs of our fellow brothers & sisters. Every purchase you make supports not just our business, but also our community to prevail against daunting conditions.

Keeping that in mind, this year we have committed to help the families of brave martyrs of our Armed Forces. One percent of your purchases this year is donated to the families of the Nation's Martyrs.

We hope that this contribution of ours makes a difference and would like to earnestly thank every one of our customers for using Purayati products and making this possible. In future years we will continue to look for more such deserving people and NGOs and split our donation among them.


Join us in #GivingBack

If you have any questions about this initiative of ours or want to know more about the people who have received our donation, please contact us at support@purayati.com