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Vitamins for Eye Health (60 Tablets)

Vitamins for Eye Health (60 Tablets)

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Vitamins For Eye Health

Protect Your Vision Health & Longevity 

Living with Digital Screens around us all day can increase the possibility of blurred vision, double vision, irritated eyes and related headaches. This may in turn reduce the overall quality of your lifestyle and make you dependent on eye drops all-day. Purayati’s Vitamins for Eye Health contains a combination of essential vitamins and nutrients that aid in the overall wellness of your eye health.


Key Ingredients

  1. Beta Carotene - As a type of nutrient that converts provitamin A carotenoid into Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, helps in keeping the eyes moist. A beta carotene rich diet can aid in the reduction of dry eyes and decreased irritation and inflammation. 
  2. Lutein and Zeaxanthin - Act as agents that prevent entry of harmful light into your eyes. They increase the sharpness of your vision and protect your eyes from oxidative stress and free radicals. 
  3. Vitamin C and E - Being powerful antioxidants, these vitamins can aid you in fighting cataracts. Increased oxidative stress and free radicals are the cause for age related cataracts. 


How Purayati’s Vitamins for Eye Health May Help you? 

  1.  Aids in fighting age related cataract issues
  2.  Protects eyes from free radicals
  3.  Decreases oxidative stress
  4.  Increases sharpness of vision
  5.  Reduces inflammation and irritation
  6.  Betters dry eyes condition
  7.  Improves overall eye health that has been reduced due to increased screen usage 


Who can use it?

  • Men
  • Women
  • Teenage girls  
  • Working professionals
  • Senior Citizens
  • Cataract patients (if advised by your doctor)
  • Children (if advised by your doctor)

Purayati’s Vitamins for Eye Health might be an excellent aid for people with excessive screen usage. Taking one tablet of this supplement daily may help you maintain your eye health and prevent many eye-related issues. This supplement aids in your wellness and does not claim to prevent or cure any eye disease.

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